If you agree to purchase our LaserTek brand toner cartridges, LaserTek will maintain your printer for FREE. All labor and travel costs are FREE. If you qualify, LaserTek will also provide you with a printer for use AT NO CHARGE.
  • LaserTek will cover all service costs; including labor and travel, if you purchase your toner from us.
  • LaserTek can provide a printer to you FREE OF CHARGE. Be assured the model that we put in your office will fit your needs. (Customer must print a minimum of 2,400 pages per month)
  • This program is limited to Laser Printers only - no inkjet. Monochrome (black - white) and/or Color Printer that will suit your printing needs.
  • We can also service existing Laser Printers in your office that do not have a contract
  • Our program is a non-contract-free agreement. (No signature necessary. You can terminate it at any time. Also, LaserTek can terminate the Toner Program if the customer does not utilize the FREE printer provided.)

Please call us at 412-244-9505 to see if you qualify.