We’re pleased to announce that LaserTek Solutions is now an authorized Roland dealer!

On August 19, 2019, Irvine, California-based Roland DGA, the U.S. division of the Japan-based printer company, announced that Plum, Pennsylvania-based LaserTek Solutions, a distributor of printers and printing supplies, will be the official reseller of Roland DGA’s color products in Western Pennsylvania and the Northern part of West Virginia.

Roland says that LaserTek Solutions, which is located in the suburbs of Pittsburgh, is traditionally a business document solutions, sales and service company with an established regional customer base.

“LaserTek Solutions has a solid reputation for providing outstanding sales, service and support to corporate, manufacturing, and technology-based businesses,” says Tony Miller, Roland DGA vice president of sales and product management. “We are thrilled to welcome LaserTek to our extensive national dealer channel, and we look forward to their contributions in helping customers build their businesses with Roland products.”

LaserTek Solutions president Jeff Cuny says he is equally excited about his company’s new partnership with Roland DGA.

“Roland is known for their high-quality products and exceptional services, both of which align with LaserTek Solutions’ values,” says Cuny. “We look forward to offering Roland products with our expertise and support to make our customers even more successful.”

"We can’t wait to tell you about the latest Roland TrueVIS printer/cutters, UV flatbed printers, Texart dye-sublimation printers, apparel printers, and other graphics customization machines that were built to build your business."

"We are very pleased to be representing Roland products and services that offer unmatched customer support, training opportunities, support webinars, videos, blogs, and promos. Discover new information about printing and graphics production and find out how to grow a profitable graphics and customization company."

Give us a call at 412-244-9505.

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Troubleshooting Your Printer

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When you go to print a document and your printer is either not responding or not working correctly it can be very upsetting. It can delay your projects and possibly cause you to miss important deadlines. 

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What Do You Know About Ink Cartridges?

As the owner of a printer you frequently encounter having to replace your ink cartridge. But for those who are new to the printer owner family understanding whether to replace your ink with the Original Equipment Manufacturer ink (OEM) or purchasing a compatible brand can be confusing. In the Pittsburgh area, there are many printer supply outlets that provide a multitude of selections. Below we will provide some helpful hints to make selecting the best option for you a little easier. Now for office managers who may have a pressing need, we do suggest contacting your local Pittsburgh printer service to come and replace the ink for you. Having a printer service come to your business location will save you additional time and money.

What to Know

Ink Quality – Most remanufactured or compatible ink cartridge companies maintain the same high-quality standards of your OEM. This means all of the product specs run parallel to the original manufacturer of your printer.

Is my printer in danger? – The answer is no. It is a myth that remanufactured ink will harm your printer. Of course, we cannot guarantee this, but the likelihood of this occurring is very rare; especially if you use a well known third-party supplier.

What about my warranty? – Again, there is no truth to this assumption. The use of third-party ink cannot legally jeopardize your warranty. Despite there being cases regarding such matters, courts have decided manufacturers do not have the authority to require exclusive purchases of their replacement products to avoid voiding their warranty.

Am I just getting a refilled cartridge? – Opposite to popular belief remanufactured cartridges are not just old containers refilled with new ink. Each old cartridge is inspected, repaired, and if needed, deteriorated parts are replaced. Even the microchips are replaced and tested to ensure customers receive the highest printing quality.

What about the Page Yield? – No worries. Often times you will find that remanufactured cartridges page yields are much higher. Most original manufactures hold back on filling their cartridges to the brim thus leaving the consumer with a lower page yield.

In the end, by purchasing compatible or remanufactured ink cartridge, you can save yourself money without the risk of low-quality printing.

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