Simple Printer Fixes

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Minor Printer Repair Problems?

If you own a laptop or computer then you are probably the happy owner of a printer as well. Thank goodness for these electronic devices but there are times when they can frustrate us beyond belief; especially our printers.

What Do You Know About Ink Cartridges?

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As the owner of a printer you frequently encounter having to replace your ink cartridge. But for those who are new to the printer owner family understanding whether to replace your ink with the Original Equipment Manufacturer ink (OEM) or purchasing a compatible brand can be confusing.

Do You Need to Buy a New Printer?

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Engaging in some type of technological instrument is almost impossible to avoid in our modern society. Whether it is a cell phone, iPod, tablet, laptop or desktop computer it is almost required that you have one or the other. If you are a student, small business owner, or home user you are working on some type of computer which means you also have need of a printer.

Need to Remove Printer Ink Stains?

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Ink Stains?

Working in an office environment often involves using equipment, especially a printer. Whether you are printing a document from your desktop computer or making copies for a meeting, a printer will be employed. We all know that eventually the ink will run out and will need to be replaced. In the process of changing out the ink you may encounter an accident. Yes, ink has decided to make an imprint on your clothes.

Saving Costs with Your Printer

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Cost Saving Tips

Keeping up with printer ink refills, machine maintenance, and other expenses can get quite costly. Yet there are a few ways to save on your printer costs. At Laser Tek, Pittsburgh’s premier printer repair company, we believe in providing quality services and repair parts at an affordable price. With this in mind, here are a few tips on how to cut down on printer expenditures.