Laser Printer Repair Services

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Nothing brings a productive day at the office to a halt faster than a broken printer. While most issues can be addressed by office staff, it is good to have a professional’s number on file to both prevent and solve problems that your IT department can’t figure out.

Simple Printer Fixes

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Minor Printer Repair Problems?

If you own a laptop or computer then you are probably the happy owner of a printer as well. Thank goodness for these electronic devices but there are times when they can frustrate us beyond belief; especially our printers.

How to Know When Your Printer Needs Service

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Does Your Printer need serviced?

Printers are not always obvious with their mishaps, but there are often signs that let you know when your printer needs to be serviced. At Laser Tek Pittsburgh, we offer printer repair services, parts, supplies and more to help you maintain your printer’s functioning and quality.

Printer Repair and Replacement Advantages

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Repairing and Replacing Advantages

When you have important documents to print, there is nothing more frustrating than having a malfunctioning printer. And sometimes it’s difficult to know whether the best choice is to repair or replace your printer. Depending on the problems you are facing with your malfunctioning printer, the costs you are willing to incur and needs of your office there are advantages and disadvantages to both repair and replacement.