LaserTek Toner Program

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If you agree to purchase our (NEW) LaserTek brand toner cartridges, LaserTek will maintain your printer for FREE. All labor, travel, and part costs are FREE. If you qualify, LaserTek will also provide you with a printer for use AT NO CHARGE.

Troubleshooting Your Printer

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When you go to print a document and your printer is either not responding or not working correctly it can be very upsetting. It can delay your projects and possibly cause you to miss important deadlines. 

Save Big With Your Devices

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Multifunctional Office Devices

Walk into any corporate office and you will see many of the same activities – faxing, printing, copying, scanning. There are devices that are dedicated to one task each. But did you know that you can save big on office expenses by carefully choosing the right multifunction office device?

Laser Printer Repair Services

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Nothing brings a productive day at the office to a halt faster than a broken printer. While most issues can be addressed by office staff, it is good to have a professional’s number on file to both prevent and solve problems that your IT department can’t figure out.