LaserTek Toner Program

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If you agree to purchase our (NEW) LaserTek brand toner cartridges, LaserTek will maintain your printer for FREE. All labor, travel, and part costs are FREE. If you qualify, LaserTek will also provide you with a printer for use AT NO CHARGE.

What Do You Know About Ink Cartridges?

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As the owner of a printer you frequently encounter having to replace your ink cartridge. But for those who are new to the printer owner family understanding whether to replace your ink with the Original Equipment Manufacturer ink (OEM) or purchasing a compatible brand can be confusing.

Need to Remove Printer Ink Stains?

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Ink Stains?

Working in an office environment often involves using equipment, especially a printer. Whether you are printing a document from your desktop computer or making copies for a meeting, a printer will be employed. We all know that eventually the ink will run out and will need to be replaced. In the process of changing out the ink you may encounter an accident. Yes, ink has decided to make an imprint on your clothes.