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Save Big With Your Devices

Multifunctional Office Devices

Walk into any corporate office and you will see many of the same activities – faxing, printing, copying, scanning. There are devices that are dedicated to one task each. But did you know that you can save big on office expenses by carefully choosing the right multifunction office device?

Choosing the right multifunction printer can be a big challenge. It can be an overwhelming job when you are facing the risk of overspending on the original purchase, supplies, and printer repair. Add to that the monetary loss due to inefficiency, downtime, and user frustration and you have a potential disaster on your hands.

The right multifunction office device will perform all of the previously mentioned office duties in one place on one machine. And while it will cost a bit more than a standard copier, it will cost significantly less than four separate machines. Not only will your office equipment be more productive, but your staff will also be able to be more productive since your Multifunction device will save time. Fill that time with more billable work and you have a recipe for big savings!

Many companies are choosing to use scan-and-email correspondence and moving away from faxing. However, it is a good idea to still maintain fax capabilities in your office for clients that still prefer fax and other times when you may need to send documents in that manner. Rather than maintaining a dedicated fax machine for the infrequent times that you need to fax, invest in a multifunction device that can both scan and fax.

You can also reduce your printing costs with a multifunction machine because the right machine will have finishing capabilities too. Rather than sending your order out and paying big bucks for the printing and shipping, you can do it all in-house and much more quickly, again saving time and money!

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