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Troubleshooting Your Printer

When you go to print a document and your printer is either not responding or not working correctly it can be very upsetting. It can delay your projects and possibly cause you to miss important deadlines. You may be able to troubleshoot common problems yourself quickly and easily and avoid the hassle of having to contact technical support for help.

Slow Printing

  • Memory – Several factors may contribute to slow printing. One such factor could be your printer’s RAM. Just like a computer, your printer also has memory. If you have an older printer, you may be able to fix the problem of slow printing by simply updating your printer's RAM. If this is not a contributing factor, another option to explore options in your printer’s settings.
  • Printer Settings – If you have your printer quality set to best, then your printing will be in high quality, but also higher detailed and will use more ink when printing. This slows down the print time considerably. You could try to switch over to normal print quality to increase the printing speed or use the draft quality for printing jobs that do not need to be high quality.
  • Wireless Printing – If you are using wireless and are having trouble printing, the first step is to check your printer settings and make sure your printer is connected wirelessly. Sometimes when you first create a wireless connection you will need to be close to the router in order for the computer and the printer’s signals to be read. If you have gone through these steps and are still having an issue, then uninstall and reinstall your printer to see if that resolves the problem.
  • Web Printing – Another common issue with slow printing happens when trying to print directly from a web page that has a number of colored graphics. Color printing will be considerably slower than black and white and detailed graphics and pictures will also print much slower.


Low-Quality Printing

  • Printer Settings – an easy and often overlooked issue is using the incorrect printer settings. There are typically two areas that display in the printing preferences that you should verify before printing. While each printer may be different, you can look to see if your printer gives choices between “ everyday printing” and “fast-economical printing.” These options may be named differently depending on your printer, but note that when using a fast-economical option, the print quality will not be as good as if you are using everyday printing. In addition, there may be a drop-down that gives options for print quality. The draft option will not have as good of a quality as the normal or best options. Keep this in mind when printing and it could say you a headache in the future by making these simple adjustments.
  • Printer Head -if you use your printer infrequently, then it is possible that you have a clogged printer head, which can cause horizontal lines, spotty printing, or light printing. You can run your printers utility program to try to correct the problem. A test page will print out in order to verify if the problem is solved.

If you try these options and are not able to print or are getting low-quality print jobs, then it may be time to have your printer looked at by an experienced professional. Lasertek’s experts can help you with printer repair by helping you troubleshoot your printer, or by assisting with finding the right printer for your needs if you need a printer replacement.

Contact Lasertek today and say goodbye to the frustrations of slow and low-quality printing.

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