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Nothing brings a productive day at the office to a halt faster than a broken printer. While most issues can be addressed by office staff, it is good to have a professional’s number on file to both prevent and solve problems that your IT department can’t figure out.

Here are a few things to consider when looking to retain a professional printer repair technician:

  • How long has the company been in business, and how many years experience do they have with your specific printer. Not all printers are the same, and either are printer repair technicians. It is important to ensure you are dealing with a reputable business that can quickly turnaround your machine. Additionally, you want to make sure the company doesn’t go out of business before you pick up your printer.
  • What certifications do they possess? Most major brands offer certification classes. This will demonstrate both their depth of knowledge about your type of printer and their relationship with the manufacturers in the instance you need parts or special service. Additionally, if your printer is under warranty, finding a certified repair specialist could be mandatory.
  • Comprehensive. You know when you drop your car off at the dealership, they often check your automobile’s fluids, tire pressure, etc. The same should hold true about your printer. A good technician will clean and perform routine maintenance on your printer free of charge when in for service.
  • Honesty.  Unfortunately, not everyone does what they say they will do. Ask what work guarantees the repair service offers, service quote policies and if they have any customer references.

Printers don’t always have to be your number one office headache if you can find a qualified, reputable service technician that you trust. Contact Lasertek today to find out about our offerings and comprehensive service.


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