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Need to Remove Printer Ink Stains?

Ink Stains?

Working in an office environment often involves using equipment, especially a printer. Whether you are printing a document from your desktop computer or making copies for a meeting, a printer will be employed. We all know that eventually the ink will run out and will need to be replaced. In the process of changing out the ink, you may encounter an accident. Yes, ink has decided to make an imprint on your clothes. Unfortunately, laser printer repair is a messy job. Despite, getting an ink stain on your favorite top can bring down your day. In the event that you accidentally get some ink on your clothes either when dealing with the printer itself or when re-stocking the printer supplies we have some solutions.

Removing an Ink Stain
  • Immediately after noticing the fresh stain you want to get a clean damp paper towel and dab the stain clean. You want to keep dabbing until most of the ink has been lifted from the stained area.
  • Once you have removed most of the stained ink give the affected area a chance to dry. Next you will want to get a little rubbing alcohol or hairspray and treat the area.
  • After treating the area with some hairspray or rubbing alcohol place the stained area between two dry paper towels. Adding some pressure you want to blot the side of the stained area which will continue to force the residual ink out of the stained fabric. All of the residual ink should be transferred to the other piece of paper towel. Keep repeating this process until the ink is entirely removed.

All is not lost when you accidentally get an ink stain. Your favorite top or outfit can be saved!


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